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Arts Fraternity Charts New Artistic Paths With Three New Chapters

Arts Fraternity Charts New Artistic Paths With Three New Chapters

CONWAY, NC- Gamma XI Phi, the fraternity for artists and creators, initiated seventeen new members July 31, 2022, during a virtual ceremony. The infusion of creators and innovators expands the organization’s membership and places it on a continued path of celebrating “Art, Society & Justice: For Decades to Come.”

The new members are visual artists, educators, writers, actors, arts administrators and filmmakers. While their talents may run the artistic gamut, according to National President Rashid Darden, which unites them is their character.

“These are men and women of integrity who have devoted their lives to the arts in some way.  We believe that their zeal for the arts and for justice will unite them with one another and with all the members of the fraternity.”

Members were inducted into two existing city-wide chapters and chartered three new chapters located in New Orleans, LA, Philadelphia, PA, and Atlanta, GA.  The organization also inducted members into chapters that serves the South Atlantic Region and Southwestern Region.

Eight embers became part of the Delta Chapter based in New York City. The members induction represents the largest intake of members into a single chapter since Gamma Xi Phi founding in 2010.

  • Cristina Lynn Acevedo
  • Timothy Benston
  • Shawnasia Black
  • Luisa Maria Butler 
  • Secile Doseau
  • DeMarius “Champ” Kilpatrick
  • Kayla Sharon Smith
  • Husein Yatabarry

Doseau said she connected with Gamma Xi Phi’s focus on philanthropy. 

“I’ve always loved helping people and my community in any way I can. It’s always given me a certain comfort or joy and it’s something that I believe I will enjoy doing with Gamma Xi Phi.”

Theta Chapter which serves the Raleigh/Durham area added three new members

  • Dasan Ahanu
  • Jonathan Issac Champion
  • Leslie Cunningham

“My hopes for my own career during my journey with Gamma Xi Phi will be to grow as a spiritual being, a woman, an artist, business owner and philanthropist. My goal will be to stay open to learning, be a good friend and collaborator with my Gammas, and serve my community with passion.” Cunningham said.

The Beta Lambda Chapter which serves the South Atlantic Region at Large added member Marla Taviano who is based in Columbia, SC

Regina Renee Nyègbeh became a charter member of the Delta Lambda chapter which serves the Southwest Regional-At-Large. She is based in Denver, CO 

Ansel Augustine became a charter member of the Lambda Chapter which will serve the New Orleans area.

Herman Beavers charted the Mu chapter which will be based in Philadelphia.

Nsenga Burton and Tiffany Jade Lezama became charter members of the Nu chapter in Atlanta, GA.

Augustine said he hopes to be able to create another avenue to serve and advocate from those in the New Orleans area that have struggled for recognition.

“My hope with becoming a member of Gamma Xi Phi is to create new partners to assist with helping preserve what makes New Orleans unique and sacred.”

Darden said he feels good about the organization’s newest members contributing to the organization plan grow and thrive.

“The Summer 2022 class has a wide range of gifts that will invest in Gamma Xi Phi for decades to come. From Marla and Regina Renee’s deep love of literature to Timothy’s penchant for capturing everyday beauty through his camera lens. Besides the new members’ artistic experiences, there are several with experiences in the nonprofit sector and the fraternal world–these are experiences that will continue to bolster GXP’s standing among professional fraternities.”

Gamma Xi Phi was founded on October 7, 2010, on the campus of Ramapo College. The purpose of the organization is to honor the achievements of artists through fellowship, philanthropy, social justice and service.



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