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Call to Artivism

Call to Artivism


As the leading fraternal organization for artists, we stand strong to our vision to serve the community through the Arts. Through all that has been going on in society, from Trayvon Martin to Ferguson; to people being excused for their wrong-doings, artists have been present. With every movement, no matter how big or small, artists have been present. Aside from the history books, artists have commented on the times by writing songs, choreographing Headshot-Malcolmballets, plays, and all types of literature. We have cried with you at the memorial, sung with you through die-ins, and danced with you with anger at the riots.

For centuries black and brown people have been the target of cruel hate and prejudice. Even today lingering distrust and dislike blankets our nation, yet we continue to push forward. The men and women of Gamma, like those of our nation, pray for peace and love during these times. However, we can no longer sit idle.

Felipe Luciano of The Last Poets once said “Black Art is Black Power.” We cannot just attend protests and rallies. As Gammas we must protest through our art. We must make our presence known through song, change people’s thoughts with our canvases, and challenge them with our movement.

Gamma Xi Phi Professional Arts Fraternity, Inc., through our cardinal principles of Philanthropy, Sodality, and Elevation, will take the lead in this phase of the movement.

With this commitment of service to the arts, the leaders of Gamma will continue to foster programs that strengthen the relationship between the artistic community and the community at large.

I charge all of the men and women of Gamma to show the world how we can be of service to them in our vision if artistic change. Activism may be temporary but Artivism stays forever. Never forget that black art matters.

Artistically and Fraternally,
Malcolm Q. Minor,
National President
Gamma Xi Phi Professional Arts Fraternity, Inc.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
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Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
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