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Beta Chapter Introduces a Visionary

Beta Chapter Introduces a Visionary

Washington, D.C- The Beta Chapter of Gamma Xi Phi, a professional fraternity for artists serving Washington, D.C, initiated one new member on Saturday, June 1, 2024. 

Bro. Jason Bulluck is a conceptual artist, writer, and teacher based in Washington, DC, whose work deeply engages with themes of liberation and critical theory. Drawing inspiration from the Black Radical Tradition, Indigenous studies, and Buddhism. Bullock’s artistic endeavors span sculpture, installation, digital provocations, performance, and writing. His recent projects have challenged dominant narratives by inviting audiences to engage with his thought-provoking pieces on multiple levels. Bulluck’s unique approach to art seeks to open dialogues around justice and liberation, positioning him as a compelling voice in contemporary conceptual art.

Bulluck’s passions align seamlessly with the mission of Gamma Xi Phi. “Gamma Xi Phi aligns so closely with my hopes for justice and global liberation,” said Bulluck. He believes that the fraternity’s vision, supported by a community of artists and art professionals, is instrumental in ensuring that calls for equality are both heard and valued. Bulluck sees Gamma Xi Phi as uniquely positioned to manifest its vision, leveraging the power of collective artistry to foster profound social change. His commitment to these ideals makes him an inspiring addition to Gamma Xi Phi, where he hopes to contribute to and grow within a community dedicated to justice and equality through the arts.

Gamma Xi Phi is a predominantly African American organization of men and women in the arts, including literature, visual art, music, theater, and dance. GXP was established at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey, on October 7, 2010, on the principles of Philanthropy, Sodality, and Elevation.

Gamma Xi Phi honors artists’ achievements through fellowship, philanthropy, social justice, and service.

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