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Welcoming Ava President

Welcoming Ava President

Gamma Xi Phi, the professional fraternity for artists and creators, welcomes Ava President as a communications intern via the Georgetown University Virtual Immersions & Experiential Work (VIEW) Program.

Ava President is a first-year student at Georgetown University who plans to major in sociology. This Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, native volunteers with DC Reads, the Black Student Alliance, and GU Women of Color. She is passionate about activism and community outreach and is excited to work with Gamma Xi Phi in the realm of communications, design, and branding.

“Georgetown has a long tradition of training students for leadership in service, inside the classroom and in the community,” National President Rashid Darden said. “I am grateful that Ava has decided to lend her talents to our growing organization.”

The Georgetown VIEW Program provides real-world professional experiences to students across a multitude of industries, from the nonprofit and public sectors to law, entertainment, media, and business.

Ava will be responsible for the research and implementation of a media campaign during Black History Month 2022.

Gamma Xi Phi is an anti-racist, non-hazing, all-gender professional fraternity for artists and creators established in 2010 by undergraduate students attending Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey. Organized on the principles of Philanthropy, Sodality, and Elevation, Gamma Xi Phi seeks to create a world in which artists are valued as thoughtful and justice-oriented leaders in their communities and in their careers.


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