Board of Trustees

Sharnell Bryan

National President

Nicole Stewart

National Secretary

Brittany Clark

National Treasurer

Micaela Moore


Ernest Perry


Standing Committee Chairmen

Budget and Finance Committee Chairman
Micaela Moore

Nominating Committee Chairman
Shawn Spencer

Membership Committee Chairman
Brittany Clark

Program Committee Chairman
Sharnell Bryan

Ritual and Protocol Committee Chairman
Ernest Perry

Ad Hoc Committee Chairmen

Artistic Mentoring Program Chairman
Danita Cooke

2017 National Convention Coordinator
Brigette Ramos

National Office

Mr. Muhammad Salaam

National Executive Director

Ms. Trenile Tillman

General Counsel

Presidential Staff

Ms. Jordyne Blaise

Chief of Staff

Ms. Cylia E. Lowe

Senior Advisor

Ms. Rachel Laryea

External Relations Specialist

Mr. Aaron Tyrell Mitchell

Foreign Affairs Specialist

Ms. Gena LeBlanc

Arts Policy Specialist

Gamma Xi PhiLeadership