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Greetings artists!  The process to charter a chapter of Gamma Xi Phi Professional Arts Fraternity, Inc., begins here.  The Fraternity is open for expansion in metropolitan areas that we deem viable for the support of Professional Chapters, as well as select colleges, universities, conservatories, and schools for the arts.

Groups of five or more artists who are interested in learning more about the fraternity are welcome to schedule an informational meeting with the Expansion Team assigned to your service area.  Please send an email to the National Executive Director with a complete list of interested artists (no less than five), their crafts, and their valid email addresses.

Interested artists may bypass the informational meeting entirely and submit applications directly.  At least five completed applications from one viable service area are required to proceed with the expansion process.

Once the applications are reviewed and interviews are conducted with individual applicants, only those selected to colonize a chapter will have a specific period of time to complete the following tasks:

  • Implement a total of six national projects/initiatives in the service area.
  • Host two informational/recruitment/interest events in the service area.
  • Recruit at least ten total colony members who have been approved for membership by the fraternity.
  • Elect officers.
  • Write bylaws.
  • Create a five year strategic plan.
  • Obtain a letter of support from the local arts council, local humanities council, or other significant government or nonprofit office dealing with the arts in the local community.
  • Fulfillment of financial obligations including Application Fees ($250 per accepted applicant) and charter fees ($700 for the group).
  • Submit a charter weekend proposal
  • Submit a completed charter application.

Only artists who have been declared an official colony of Gamma Xi Phi may complete any of the above tasks in the name of the fraternity.

Download the complete Expansion Packet here.

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