National Program

The 2019-2021 National Program Theme is The Design of a Decade: Art, Society, and Justice.

This theme has been chosen by the National Board of Trustees to celebrate our upcoming tenth anniversary as an organization while promoting the intersection of art, society, and justice. Gamma Xi Phi believes in art as a means of advancing and enriching society as well as a means of advancing issues of justice within our communities.

All chapters and individual members are directed to observe the national program theme in their local activities.

Program Area I: Art for Society

The Young Artisans Awards

Established in 2015, The Young Artisans Awards began as an investment into talented youth with high potential for greatness in their respective crafts. We continue this program to highlight artists enrolled in traditional or alternative schools as a way to encourage their future artistic achievements in their chosen fields.

Renaissance Conversations

New for 2019, Renaissance Conversations are a method by which chapters of Gamma Xi Phi may conduct interviews and panel discussions with artists who are impacting society and culture. Each chapter shall, through a format of their choosing, introduce a working artist to their communities and facilitate the sharing of their knowledge to all assembled.


Introduced in 2015 and refined for 2019, Odeon continues to be a showcase for members of Gamma Xi Phi to display their crafts in a festive environment for families, friends, and the community.

Program Area II: Art for Justice

Check On Me

Begun as an initiative in 2015, Check On Me has now evolved into its own national program. Recognizing high incidences of depression and suicide among artists and creative people, Gamma Xi Phi continues to promote participation in World Suicide Prevention Day and in other activities highlighting awareness of mental health and wellness.

Art for All

Formerly known as Artists Serving Artists, Art For All is a program which initiates local projects that directly benefit artists of limited means and special needs, including elderly artists and artists with disabilities.

African Heritage Protection

Gamma Xi Phi promotes the protection of cultural and artistic artifacts in Africa. Chapters and members shall raise funds in support of organizations which halt the illicit trafficking of cultural property, promote the restitution of cultural property, protect endangered heritage sites and objects, and otherwise protect the artistic and cultural legacies of African nations and communities.

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