Membership in Gamma Xi Phi is by invitation only.

The type of artist who receives an invitation to join our organization is one who is committed to both achievement in the arts and advancements in social justice; is of national or regional acclaim or has great promise to be; is committed to uplifting and mentoring artists within and outside of their own crafts; and is dedicated to identifying and honoring other artists who are worthy of membership.

This artist is well-connected in his or her own community and is not seeking to merely be recognized, but to live a philosophy with others who are of like mind.

A potential member of Gamma Xi Phi embraces those art forms and artists which have been rejected or ignored by European-centric arts conventions, while rejecting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other social ills which stifle the arts and hamper the advancement of humanity.

Please use our Referral Form to recommend an artist for membership.