Frequently Asked Questions

What is a professional fraternity?

A professional fraternity is a fraternal organzation for men and women in the same career field and/or course of study.


Is Gamma Xi Phi an honor society?

No.  An honor society is based on academic achievement (grade point average) in a field.  Gamma Xi Phi is a professional fraternity that has an application process and membership requirements pertaining to demonstrated interest in the art, music, theater, or literature as a career field.


There is no chapter of Gamma Xi Phi on my campus.  How do I join?

You may:

  • Start a Collegiate Chapter on your campus;
  • Start a Professional Chapter in your community; or
  • Pursue at-large membership if you do not live in a viable service area.

Can I join Gamma Xi Phi as an at-large member?

Yes, but there are conditions for qualifying for at-large membership, namely that you need to live in an area that the fraternity has deemed as not being viable for a chapter at this time.  That includes living more than 25 miles from a city or county that is deemed a viable service area.  If you live in a major metropolitan area with a thriving arts scene and significant population of people of color, you are not eligible for at-large membership and should work toward chartering a new chapter with peers and colleagues.  If you live in a region of the country with a small minority population, or very far away from an urban center or arts scene, you may qualify for at-large membership


I attend a very small arts college.  There has never been an organization like Gamma Xi Phi on our campus before.  Is it possible for the fraternity to expand here?

Gamma Xi Phi seeks to unite the world, one artist at a time.  Although we have stringent expansion standards, we are convinced that the presence of the fraternity can aid in retention among students of color attending art colleges. We can work with the campus in determining an appropriate number of students required to charter a chapter.


I am a college graduate and there is no chapter of Gamma Xi Phi in my city.  How do I join?

You may be able to charter a new chapter.


I am a member of a fraternity or sorority already.  Is it possible to join Gamma Xi Phi?

Yes, as long as it is not another professional arts fraternity.


I am already a member of a music fraternity.  Can I still join?

As our roots are based in interdisciplinary fellowship among all artists, we also welcome aspirants who may also be members of the various music fraternities and sororities.  Our members are musicians, singers, dancers, actors, writers, poets, and any other artistic profession.


I am a member of another professional arts fraternity.  Can I join?

No.  Gamma Xi Phi prohibits dual membership in any professional fraternity or sorority that we deem as similar to our mission, specifically those organizations devoted to more than one artistic discipline.  We are, however, open to discussions from local and regional organizations wishing to affiliate as chapters of Gamma Xi Phi.


I am in my 50s and have been a practicing artist for many years.  Is there an age limit?

Gamma Xi Phi does not discriminate based on age.  We welcome established and emerging artists of all ages.


I have never attended college.  Can I apply to membership in a professional chapter?

Yes.  If you are an artist residing in an area where a professional chapter exists, you may apply.


I am transgender.  Will that be a problem?

Of course not.  Gamma Xi Phi does not discriminate against any candidate for their gender expression or identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or anything of the sort.


Do you allow white people to join?

Yes.  Although the fraternity’s membership is predominately black and our values are taught through the lens of African American fraternalism, we welcome all artists to pursue membership, regardless of race.


How much does it cost?

The initiation fee is $250.  Local chapters may charge additional fees and assessments.  There are also fees associated with setting up a chapter.


How much does it cost to charter a chapter?

In addition the the $250 initiation fee per person, the chartering group must pay a flat rate of $700 to cover the costs associated with creating a new chapter.  This fee covers all mandatory items that each chapter must have to conduct meetings and ceremonies.  New chapters may cover this fee by dividing the cost among members or through fundraisers.


How long is the process?  What does the process entail?

Questions about the membership process are answered at Formal Rush and membership-based conference calls and webinars.

Gamma Xi PhiFrequently Asked Questions