Founded on the campus of Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey, Gamma Xi Phi values and cherishes our institutional chapters.
Membership in a Collegiate Chapter

Membership in Gamma Xi Phi is by invitation only.

Students who receive an invitation to join this fraternity are committed to:

  • academic excellence in artistic majors and minors,
  • professional excellence in their chosen craft,
  • participation in campus arts activities, and
  • the intersections of art and justice.

Students joining Gamma Xi Phi must be committed to the growth of this fraternity through regular recruitment and artistic service.


Chartering a Collegiate Chapter

A student or staff member at a college, university, post-secondary school for the arts, or conservatory must request a copy of the fraternity’s official expansion policies.  What follows is a basic overview of those policies.

Collegiate charters require at least two advisors and ten students.  The students recruited must be pursuing a course of study in the arts or must be demonstrably pursuing a career in the arts, or an arts-supporting field. Those fields include artist management, intellectual property law, entertainment law, and arts education. Accepted majors include, but are not limited to English, Architecture, Fine Arts, Dance, Music, and Theater.

The students and advisors then form a temporary campus organization according to the insitution’s rules.

This organization will then submit a petition for a charter, which should include the following supporting documents:  A cover letter from the students, a letter of affirmation from the advisors, a letter of support from the university, a complete roster of members, and complete applications from each student member.

This petition packet will be reviewed by the National Board of Trustees, who will vote on the charter and individual applicants.  Rulings are final and may not be appealed.

Temporary clubs approved for charter become official Interest Groups of Gamma Xi Phi and are responsible for a charter fee, developing chapter programming, and planning a chartering celebration with the Board of Trustees.


Students and potential advisors are encouraged to reach out to Gamma Xi Phi to obtain information about chartering a collegiate chapter.