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Meet the Artists

March 25, 2020

Electric Literature: Instant Entertainment from Gamma Xi Phi Brothers and Sisters

Millions of people around the world are adjusting to a new reality in which social contact is now limited. Even though our day jobs may have us teleworking and …

etsy 01

Black Craftsmen and Craftswomen of Etsy

Last week, National President Rashid Darden spoke on the importance of supporting local artisans.  Today, we will share ten craftsmen and craftswomen with Etsy stores in honor of National Black …

January 21, 2014

Kristoff St. John: Unsung Rebel of Hollywood

Very few of us will be lucky enough to have the same career for over forty years and look as good doing it as Kristoff St. John does.

November 30, 2013

Rashid Darden: Gamma’s Own

Gamma Xi Phi’s Executive Director, Rashid Darden, is an accomplished novelist.  His fourth novel, Birth of a Dark Nation, is in worldwide release.

October 8, 2012

He’s Got Jokes: Meet Russ Green

Washington area comedian Russ Green sat down with Gamma Xi Phi on October 8, 2012 to discuss his career path.

September 12, 2012

Fresh Air From New Jersey: Meet Ess Vee

Like Gamma Xi Phi itself, hip-hop artist and producer Ess Vee was born and raised in the state of New Jersey.  Born in Newark and raised in Irvington, Ess Vee’s …

September 1, 2012

Meet Baron

Gamma Xi Phi was pleased to interview the talented Baron in September of 2012. The New Jersey-born and New York based performer has been in the entertainment industry since dropping …