Official Vendors

Excerpted Vendor Policy

Gamma Xi Phi does not give permission for the commercial reproduction of our intellectual property without a license.  There is no cost to the license but potential vendors must seek permission from the national office prior to the reproduction of merchandise bearing our intellectual property.  Any vendor who has violated this policy is disqualified from obtaining a license.  Members are barred from purchasing merchandise from such vendors.

The following vendors are the only officially licensed vendors of Gamma Xi Phi.  Members of the fraternity and our families and friends are asked to only use the following companies when purchasing fraternity merchandise

Collegiate Greek
(Apparel and gifts)

ESP Graphx
(Apparel and gifts)

Kapsil Greek Specialties
(Apparel and gifts)

Midwest Global Group
(Kente stoles)

The ShieldMaker
(Custom wood products)

Gamma Xi PhiOfficial Vendors