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Spring 2015 Rush and Vision Board Activity

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On January 11, 2015, Beta Chapter in Washington, DC conducted its Formal Rush. Part of this event was a vision board activity in which all members and prospective members created their own vision boards for their 2015 artistic, personal, and professional goals. We had a great time!

GXPRush056 GXPRush046 GXPRush040 GXPRush036 GXPRush033 GXPRush032 GXPRush030 GXPRush027 GXPRush023 GXPRush018 GXPRush017 GXPRush013 GXPRush012 GXPRush011 GXPRush010 GXPRush009 GXPRush005 GXPRush003 GXPRush002

Gamma Xi PhiSpring 2015 Rush and Vision Board Activity